Sharks in Training

 Cost: $75 per swimmer

Sharks in Training is designed to teach swimmers the basic skills needed to compete in the Lancaster County Summer Swim League. Our team philosophy focuses on developing a love of swimming from the very first stroke. Through a developed program that instills confidence along with skill and allows most of our beginners to advance to competition status in their first season. Minimum skill levels do apply. There are a limited number of openings and siblings of team members will be given preference.

Minimum Skill Requirements*:

Swimmer must be at least 3 years of age.

Swimmer must be able to put face in water

and blow bubbles.

Swimmer MUST be able to swim and kick

for approximately 5 feet UNASSISTED.

Swimmer must be capable of taking instruction.

*Swimmers will be given a minimum skill evaluation before being accepted into the program. 

Questions may be directed to SECA Director, Trevor 806-0123